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Work hard and serious by bakeries committee to provide bread and flour in Raqqa

The Committee of bakery and Mills of Raqqa Civil Council seeks to provide materials of flour and bread to citizens through the opening of more mills and bakeries to cover the entire city of Raqqa and countryside.

Where Sabri Mohammed, the joint chair of the mills and bakeries committee, confirmed that the mills committee is working hard to overcome the difficulties and deal with the bottlenecks suffered by citizens in some goods and materials. He pointed out that the measures taken by the council have led to an improvement in the service and economic situation and the provision of flour, bread, And its delivery to all regions despite the difficulties of transport that resulted from the remnants of terrorism, stressing that the bottlenecks that have occurred in recent times in some of the food supplies and oil derivatives took a gradual and radical solution during the coming period.

He stressed the need to rationalize and control the work of transport vehicles in the city and its affiliated institutions and asked the committee to follow up and check the time of their employees and accounting for the defaulters and corrupt, and to provide the Council of the assessment of employees and focus on the elements of competence and ability to give and follow, especially under this stage.

He said that the bread is currently cheaper than the barley, where the bond is sold at 100 pounds, but some of the weak souls of the owners use the children as traders and sell the bond with 150, and now the mills and bakeries committee will monitor the bakeries and allow the delegates to sell bread to citizens at 100 with the possibility of delivery to their homes need to see congestion on the bakeries.



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