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World Health Organization launches treatment campaign for leishmaniasis in Ain Issa camp

The World Health Organization (WHO), in cooperation with Al Mawada Organization and the Ain Issa camp administration, conducted a leishmaniasis treatment campaign in Ein Issa camp.

“We at the World Health Organization have come to treat leishmaniasis, which has spread in previous years in the villages and towns of Raqqa city. The Health Directorate has not been able to eliminate it. We received 17 cases last week,” said Dr. Abboud al-Badawi, We currently receive all cases and treatment to prevent the spread of the treatment was provided to them.

He added that leishmaniasis is a skin disease related to the environment, in which humans and animals participate, and sometimes move from human to human or from animal to human, and animals carrying the disease (rodents, cats, dogs). The main vector of this disease is sandy flies, which is found all over the world not Only in Syria, which transmits the infectious virus.

There are leishmania visceral and it affects the liver and is a serious internal disease, which can, after 6 months of injury, to take human life if not treated properly.

“This treatment, which we do, the treatment of leishmania skin, is a needle injected into the pimple of leishmania twice a week for 4 weeks, and this virus distorted the site of the infection if not treated quickly, knowing that they leave an effect after treatment .

Al-Badawi concluded that the procedure provided by the World Health Organization is to treat cases of leishmania. In the summer, the control of the fly will be carried out by spraying insecticides specific to leishmaniasis.



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