Breaking: Our forces Destroy 2 hostile Vehicles in Sarinjik Village/Belbeleh

Some of the Turkish media reported that the Turkish army with its allies had controlled over Sarinjik village adjacent to Shaikorza village in Belbeleh district, in order to raise the morale of its terrorists who are being hit painfullly by our forces.
We at SDF-Media Center confirm that Sarinjik village is not controlled by the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions. On the contrary, there were heavy clashes in Shaikhorza axis and the invaders failed to achieve any progress, which led the invaders to resort to maneuvering by shifting their attacks to Sarinjik village to show themselves as if they gained some progress. However, the vigilance of our fighters and their determination to defeat this aggression miscarried their maneuver, where our forces engaged with the attackers and destroyed to military vehicles, while the others fled after they retrieved their friends’ corpses.
Therefore, we emphasize that the battle fronts in Belbeleh and Shaikhorza are still steadfast and the enemy did not achieve any progress.

SDF-Media Center


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