Breaking:The Turkish occupation army shells the civilians directly

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist allies continue to target the civilians directly, indifferent to all of the norms and human values.
This evening, 22-Feb-2018, a convoy of civilians were coming from Jazira canton and Kobani to Afrin to denounce the Turkish brutal invasion on Afrin. This convoy of women, old-aged and activists were exposed to a direct aerial and artillery bombardment by the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions, resulting in many martyrs and wounded. The wounded civilians were moved to the hospitals in Afrin enclave for treatment.
Additionally, the Turkish invasion army currently is shelling Afrin city in order to create a state of panic within the civilians and to force the people to mass exdodus, where the indiscriminate shells land on Afrin’s neighborhoods in a scene that reflects the hatred, terrorism of this army.

The General Command of YPG in Afrin


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