Education returns to Shaddadi city

The armed factions that took control of Shaddadi city and its countryside destroyed all aspects of life in the city and stopped the wheel of life. In the field of education they developed a curriculum that serves their interests and forced parents to send their children to school.

After the liberation of SDF of  Shaddadi and its countryside from terrorists, the self-management of the city was formed, restructuring the public institutions, the most important of which was education, where it rehabilitated all schools in the city and its countryside, and formed a joint presidency of the Education Authority in Shaddadi.

Naji Al-Ahmad, the joint head of the Education Authority in Al-Shaddadi City, said that the self-management is rehabilitating  schools. The number of pre-built schools is 35, and the model schools reached 45 schools, 15 junior high schools and 8 secondary schools.

Where the number of students was 13695 students, and the number of teachers 1023 teachers.

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