HomemanshetPress release for public opinion

Press release for public opinion

While we are trying to complete the liberation of the rest of the Syrian territory from the remnants of terrorists who have committed crimes against the land, people, history and civilization, and while we seek to end the futile war and achieve security and peace for our country and people, the Turkish barbaric attack and bombardment continues on Afrin region for the second week in a row. The initial results of the military operation launched by the Turkish regime on a “safe” Syrian city which welcomed thousands of Syrian refugees during the Syrian war are shown with the damage against the civilians.

Afrin city was a safe haven from the bloody war with its historical Syriac Aramaic ancient churches and monasteries, which has been in the spirit of peace throughout history. This peaceful city with its good people is being bombarded today by Turkey under the pretext of protecting Turkish national security and returning Syrian refugees from Turkey to their lands, which are both unrealistic. Turkey’s colonial ambitions are more evident in the invasion of new areas of Syria in order to control them, after occupying the towns of Jarablus and Al-Bab.

This is undoubtedly an extension of Turkey’s hostility towards minorities and other components that have been mistreated. Historically, massacres have been committed, namely Sayfo, the genocide committed in 1915 against the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrians, Armenians and Greek Pontics.

Turkey, with its daily bombardment of Afrin region, renews its Ottoman fascism and heritage through its criminal behavior, attacking Syrian territory and violating the rights of the people in a secure, peaceful and stable life. We have fought together against the forces of terrorism and darkness on various fronts, from the battles of Shingal to the battles of Khabur villages liberation and to Manbij, up to the time of the war to liberate Raqqa from the most fierce terrorist organization in the world. The Syrian Democratic Forces, which have achieved great victories against terrorism, are able to confront Turkish army and its allies and made them regret their decision to destabilize international efforts for peace in Syria.

We at the Syriac Military Council – MFS are condemning the Turkish attacks on Afrin region and  consider it a violation of Syrian sovereignty, international security and peace, and a threat to bring peace and ending the war in Syria. We also stand in solidarity with our comrades in the Syrian Democratic Forces in the face of Turkish attacks.

Today, in the face of new front in Afrin, as a sign of friendships of peoples, MFS decided to send reinforcements to Afrin battle to defend Afrin people from Turkish invasion and attacks and its terrorist mercenaries, continuing to defend our democratic project of justice and equality for all the people of our homeland.

Finally, we appeal to the international community as Syriac Christian people and urge them to stop the barbaric Turkish atrack and support us by all means to contribute to our survival in our historical land of Bethnahrin which contributed highly to the culture and civilization of humanity.

Eternity and glory to our heroic martyrs.

Victory for Afrin.


Syriac Military Council – General Command.

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