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Press Release Statement

Prior to accuse Syria Democratic Forces of recruiting ISIS members within its ranks and releasing the others as he claims, the Russian Permanent Reprisintative to UN, Mr. Vasiliy Nebenzya, should talk about the number of Russian citizens within ISIS ranks who are captives in our prisons.
The Russian Federation was the first to oversee the overt agreement with the terrorist organisation of ISIS, when Russia deported ISIS members from the western Qalamoun and the Lebanese Jerud to Mayadeen city in the Syrian province of Deir Ezzor with an official and announced escort in August 2017.
With such accusation directed to our forces, the Russian delegate is disregarding the irrefutable fact which the whole world knows, that Syria Democratic Forces are the ones who have defeated ISIS terrorists in the middle of their so-called capital Al-Raqqa, and have sacrificed thousands of Martyrs in their war against ISIS terrorism and still fighting them on the Syrian land.
The Russian indictment for our forces in this way is in harmony with the Turkish state in its aggression on Afrin and an justification for unjust war.
Also the Russian delegation should not forget that the reprisintative of his government had received officially and overtly 23 Russian ISIS families who were detained by People’s Protection Units (YPG) after Raqqa’s liberation.
All of the none-Syrian ISIS captives entered the Syrian territory through Turkey, and its airports and border ports were officially opened to ISIS terrorists and this is definitely undebatable fact that the world can not believe the contrary of it.
Syria Democratic Forces has thousands of ISIS detainees of various nationalities in its prisons and their situations are followed up by the International Red Cross.

Redur Khalil
The Head of Relations Office of SDF

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