Statement to the Public Opinion

The public opinion watched with a regrettable silence the brutal scenses of the Turkish army and Al-Qaeda factions mutilating the corpse of one of our fighter who got martyred defending Afrin against the hords of the Turkish invasion and Al-Qaeda.
Belbeleh township axis has been a field for direct combats between our forces and the invaders.

As a result of fierce engagments there, four of our fighters in women’s Protection Units (YPJ) elevated to Martyrdom rank, after a heroic resistance against the hords of invasion. Their corpses were seized by the invaders who mutilated one of the corpses in a blatant expression in front of the whole humanity which reveals the real identity of those invaders and their brutality and hatred to the women. What has been done by the Turkish soldiers and Al-Qaeda faction in mutilating the corpse of our comrade fighter, confirms once again that the Turkish army is not fundamentally different from Al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda is an official ally for Turkey.

It also shows the degeneration of the Turkish army and its Al-Qaeda allies. This action is inhuman and against the heavenly laws. In such a bestial scence, it is proven to the world the identity of real invaders and the terrorists in Afrin. Turkish state, is the world’s sponsor of terrorism.

Our heroine fighters who are underlining the finest epics of redemption and bravity, along the line of Arin Mirkhan and Avista Khabour, renew the promise to the martyrs to walk in their path until achieving their dreams of triumph and defeating the terrorism and the invaders.

Immortality and glory for the martyrs
Dishonor and Shame for the terrorists

General Command of Women’s Protection Units (YPJ)

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