Statement to the Public Opinion

The Anatolia News Agency of the Turkish Intelligence Service (MİT) published a news story with a scene from the air claiming that our forces are taking up positions in the residential areas, in order to justify the targeting of the Turkish invasion army’s jets and artillery on Afrin’s populated neighborhoods and villages.
We in the Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) confirm that the filmed scene was in the first frontline in which our forces are engaging with the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions since the first day of the Turkish invasion until now. Of course, many of these clashes take place inside the villages. We also would like to emphasize to the public opinion and the Turkish state that we never want to abandon our villages vulnerable to looting and theft, which the whole world watched. The Turkish army and its Jihadist factions are still looting the animals and the property of the people in Afrin. Hence, we are determined to repel the Turkish brutal invasion in every neighborhood, street and village, and if the need be, we will engage with them in each house or room in Afrin.
The scenes that were emerged are those of fighters who are repelling the Turkish invasion in the streets of our towns and villages.
We confirm to the public opinion there are Civil Defense Forces, who are protecting the streets and the villages in such circumstances, and of course they are civilians who carry out their duties towards their villages to repel the invasion, which does not give the pretext for the Turkish invaders to carry out their attacks on our villages and towns.
Syria democratic forces, while calling on the world to unite with it in its legendary resistance against the hordes of terrorism, confirm its determination to continue this resistance to the end and defeat the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions.

The General Command of Syria Democratic Forces in Afrin


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