HomemanshetThe bombed sites by the Turkish invasion jets since last night until now

The bombed sites by the Turkish invasion jets since last night until now

The Turkish invasion warplanes have waged comprehensive strikes on the entire Afrin district since last night, indiscriminately bombing civilian targets inside Afrin city and its towns. The aggressive offensives began on Thursday at 10:00 pm and lasted until preparing this report.
The following are the details of the Turkish raids on Afrin:
1-Sharra: the Turkish artillery and airstrikes targeted the Yazidi village of Bafloon, Arab Wiran and Sinka (Sinkerly). The shelling started at 10:00 pm until 11:00 pm of last night.
2-Belbeleh: the Turkish jets bombed the vicinity of Kevre Ker hill last night at 11:30 pm, while the enemy jets reattacked Sharqiyah village at 1:30 this afternoon. Spontaneously, the Turkish warplanes bombarded the villages of Qastal Khadriya, Cholaqa, Qastal Mukhtar and Sharqiyah.
3-Jinderes: last night at 11 pm, Kafar Shelleh village was shelled by the invaders, where a woman with her two children were wounded. The names of the wounded are Amina Dormash, age 35, and her two children Mahmoud and Mustafa Dormoash (both 10 years old). Follow the link: https://youtu.be/T6rB-HT_7FE
Also the Turkish invasion army shelled Miski village which result in many civilian casualties. Meanwhile, the Turkish jets bombed Aqjala and Dok villages at 11 am this morning. One civilian was confirmed injured.
4-Shiyeh: at 10 am today, central Chaqala village was bombed by the Turkish jets. The enemy warplanes resumed its raids at 1:30 pm, targeting Haj Bilal, coincided with the outbreak of violent clashes in the area.
5-Sherawa: today at 4 am, the Turkish jets targeted the villages of Borj Sulaiman and Basufan with several raids.
6-Raju: the Turkish artillery shelling targeted the center of the town.
7-Afrin (city center): a Turkish raid landed on Ashrafiyah neighborhood in Afrin at 11 pm last night, coincided with two raids on Teranda neighborhood adjacent to Shrafiyah neighborhood.
-the Turkish warplanes targeted the slaughterhouse of the sheep in Afrin’s vicinity which led to the death of hundreds of sheep. (documented by photos)

The General Command of People’s Protection Units (YPG) – Afrin
9 _ Feb _ 2018

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