The ISF continues its work in controlling security and stability in Tabqa

After the hands of the obscurantists fooled the security and stability of Tabqa city in the past two days and their failed attempts to destabilize the security and stability of Tabqa city.

The Internal Security Forces continue their role in maintaining the lives and security of citizens. The Internal Security Forces control the traffic and the entry of vehicles, people and goods into the city, inspect vehicles entering the city as well as persons to prevent terrorist infiltration into the city and prevent tampering with its security and stability.

On a tour of the media center on the Internal Security Forces checkpoints in the south and west of Tabqa city we noticed how they search cars and people and perform their duty to the fullest and round the clock and in the most difficult weather conditions, and anyone who violates the laws and regulations are dealt with in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the area of civil democratic administration  for Tabqa area.

AL-Maqas and international checkpoints are located on the international road connecting Tabqa city in the city of Raqqa and Deir Al-Zour in the east and Aleppo and the rest of the Syrian provinces to the west.

The citizens expressed their feeling of security and satisfaction with the measures taken by the internal security forces to protect them and protect the city and affirmed their cooperation with the security forces in their efforts to extend security in the region


SDF.Media Center


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