The Municipality of Raqqa is carrying out a campaign to clean and rehabilitate the gardens of Raqqa

In the middle of the war went many beautiful things that would give beauty and luster to Raqqa city , including the name of the most frequently traded in Raqqa roundabout Naim, which was launched during the reigns urging the circle of hell that became hell on them and the cemetery of their bodies.

Within the framework of the municipality’s work, it carried out a campaign of maintenance, restoration and complete cleaning inside AL- Na’im roundabout, in addition to carrying out the work of agriculture and disposing of the remnants of war and destruction left by Daesh and from the war that distorted the geographical image of the city in the hope of the return of life to the city. As the return of these trees, which the municipality planted and the beauty left by the hands of the workers in helping to return the city by a beautiful garden.

The supervisor responsible for the restoration of Al-Naim Park. Mezar Al-Ahmad said that the garden will be restored and landscaped under the supervision of three specialized engineers within the needs of the rotor. The reform is not limited to Al-Na’im roundabout, but will include wider work in several areas such as the islands, We will work with every effort and perseverance to show our city in the best possible way.

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