The outcome of combat operations within the last 24 hours in Afrin

1- Afrin/ city center: the Turkish artillery bombarded the city center of Afrin this afternoon, while the invaders shelled Hajal village last night at 11 PM .

2- Jinderes: the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions Jinderes township using heavy weapons and the tanks, which started yesterday at 3 pm until the midnight.
In an attempt to advance by the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions in Dewa village, our forces confronted the invaders and engaged with them. The clashes continued until 11 pm last night. The invaders re-attacked the village today at 11 am and the clashes are ongoing until the preparation of this report. Spontaneously, the Turkish artillery indiscriminately shelled Tel-Sellor village.

3- Sharra: all the villages which are followed to Sharra district were targets of the random Turkish bombardment which last until yesterday’s midnight. There was heavy shelling on Chama and Omra villages.
In an attempt by the Turkish army and its Jihadist factions, our forces repelled their attacks and engaged with the invaders in Sarinjik and Darqliya villages, where the clashes are still ongoing until writing this report. As a result for the clashes, our forces destroyed an APC for the enemy.

4- Raju: Fierce clashes broke out between our forces and the invaders in Balilka village and its surrounding hills, accompanied by artillery shelling yesterday at 7 PM until 9 PM. Casualties were reported within the ranks of the invaders.
In Adama and Ali Beska villages, our forces carried out a special military operation targeting a four-wheel-drive military vehicle. The vehicle completely was destroyed and 2 invaders killed while 5 wounded.
In Kaniya Batmane village, our forces destroyed an APC for the enemy.

5-Shiyeh: there are fierce clashes between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist
factions in Chaqala village since the early hours of this morning until writing this report.

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