The outcome of the combats during the past 24 hours in Afrin and its countryside

1-Afrin: Sterk village which is followed directly to Afrin city, was a target of heavy weapons by the Turkish army and its Jihadist factions.The indiscriminate shelling started since last night until midnight, causing damages to the civilian homes.while the Turkish warplanes were roaming over the city center of Afrin last night.
Last night Juqeh and Ster villages were shelled by Turkish artillery at 3:30 PM, where 4 shells landed Juqeh village and three other shells landed on Ster village.

2- Jinderes: Yesterday at 3:30 PM, our forces observed 4 Turkish military vehicles in the vicinity Dewa village. Our forces targeted the four vehicles by rockets and completely destroyed them (videotaped)

After that, a photographs emerged from the vicinity of the village showing the Turkish invasion army and the terrorists of Daesh and Al-Nusra front, using the children as human shields during their invasion on Afrin. The pictures showed a group of children surrounded by military vehicles loaded with Doshka and the gunner on it, shelling Jenderes the whole Last night.
The Turkish recconnaisance aircrafts roamed over Jinderes since the early morning.
Also Sindianka village was exposed to a heavy shelling since 1 pm this afternoon until writing this report.
In another scene showing the Turkish brutality and its Daesh and Al-Nusra factions, they shelled Abdul Rahman shrine, which proves that the invaders targets even our graves and monuments after destroying our villages, cities, infrastructure and the populated areas.
During afternoon hours, the Turkish invasion army and Al-Nusra/Daesh terrorists tried to advance towards Muhamadiyah village, accordingly, our forces engaged with them and pushed them back after heavy losses. The terrorists left their corpses behind them and fled. Our forces are still pursuing them until writing this report.

3-Sherra: last night at 9 PM, Baflun village was exposed to airstrikes by the Turkish invasion army. The raids targeted civilian homes.
4- Raju: our forces bombed a Turkish armored last night in Kaniyah Batmaneh.
This afternoon, Kharab Sorek village was exposed to a heavy shelling by Daesh and Al-Nusra terrorists causing heavy damages to civilian homes and the mosque.
The Turkish invasion army and its allies of Daesh and Al-Nusra terrorists shelled heavily Haj Khalil village and Mira mount. The shelling started at 1 pm this afternoon until writing this report.
In Shadiyah village, our forces carried out an ambush against the Turkish invasion army and Daesh/ Al-Nusra terrorists. As a result for the ambush, our forces could destroy a tank and a four-wheel-drive vehicle killing everybody inside.
5- Shiyah ( Shaik Hadid), our forces observed movements for the Turkish army and its terrorists in Chaqalah village and carried out an ambush for them last night. Accordingly, our forces destroyed a four-wheel-drive vehicle and killed everybody inside.
In a blatant challenge to the world, the Turkish state no longer conceals its public alliance with Al-Nusra and Daesh terrorists, where a lot of footage emerged showing this alliance. Today, another scene emerged showing some of Al-Nusra terrorists seeking wounded Turkish soldiers during their engagement with our forces in Jinderes.


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