The outcome of the combats during the past 24 hours in Afrin

1- Sharra: our forces destroyed a military vehicles for the Turkish invasion army during a specific military operation in Deir Sawan village.
Spontaneously, the Turkish jets bombed all of the villages in Sharra district.
Also in Deir Sawan village, our forces killed the terrorist Hassan Al-Ahmad, one of the leaders in Sultan Murad terrorist faction.
Last night, the Turkish warplanes bombed the populated areas in Maryamin village at 8 PM until 9 PM.
During yesterday’s evening hours, hour forces destroyed a military vehicle for the Turkish invasion army in Alaqina village.

2- Mabata: all of the villages in Mabata township have been exposed to a brutal and indiscriminate bombardment by the Turkish occupation army and its allied terrorist factions, coincided by fierce engagements in Sara and Shaytana villages.

3- Raju: our forces conducted a military operation against a Turkish military point, where our forces completely destroyed the point and killed many Turkish soldiers and terrorist elements. As our forces took over some weapons and ammunition.
In Mosaka village, fierce clashes broke out between our forces and the terrorist factions. The clashes started since the early hours of this morning until writing this report.

4- Sherawa: all of the villages in Sherawa axis were targeted of Turkish indiscriminate bombardment, where the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions have targeted peace convoy activists. Its is worth noting that several shells landed last night on the solidarity convoy which caused civilian martyrs and wounded.
In another documented scene which proves the Turkish brutality and its wanton of human values, the Turkish occupation army and the terrorist factions killed a farmer while he was asking to regain his stolen tractor from the terrorists.

5- Afrin/ citycenter: the Turkish army has been shelling Afrin city by heavy weapons in order to terrify the people and force them to displacement, where several shells landed on Afrin and its countryside yesterday.

6- Shiyah (Shaik Hadid): our forces carried out a military operation against a point for the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist allies in Hakiji village, as a result, the military point was destroyed and 8 terrorists were killed.

According to our sources, the preliminary death toll of the invaders was 32 terrorist and 4 Turkish soldiers in addition to 14 wounded.

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