The outcome of the military combats in the 37th day of invasion on Afrin

1Afrin/city: 500,000 thousands people in Afrin have been exposed to indiscriminate shelling by the Turkish invasion army and terrorist factions (Daesh/Al-Nusra) since the early hours of today’s morning.

2Shiyeh/ Sheikh Hadid: our forces destroyed a Turkish military vehicle loaded with Doshka and killed everybody inside it in Chaqala village yesterday’s afternoon. While the Shiyeh town is exposed to a sporadic shelling by the Turkish hovercrafts.

3Sharra: the clashes are still ongoing since three day in the vicinity of Omera village, where our people repelled enemy attacks. According to our fighters in the battlefield, 35 terrorists were killed including Turkish soldiers and a military vehicle completely was destroyed.

Since yesterday, Sinara and Anqalah villages exposed to more than 30 raids.

4Jinderes: our forces carried out a military operation against a point for the Turkish army and tge terrorist factions (Daesh/Al-Nusra), which led to the killing of 6 terrorists.

Also, our forces conducted another military operation against terrorist factions in Jalamh village which caused casualties within the ranks of the terrorists.

Additionally, Jinderes downtown was a target for the Turkish jets, where 4 raids carried out on Jinderes  and the hovercrafts still targeting sporadically the area.

5Azaz: our forces carried out a qualitative military operation against the invaders in their rear lines in the vicinity of Azaz city causing heavy casualties for the terrorist factions.

6Raju: the Turkish hovercrafts sporadically bombard Raju.

7Mabata: the town is exposed to a sporadic shelling.




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