The outcome of the military operations during the past 24 hours in Afrin and its countryside

1-Afrin/ city center: 500,000 people in Afrin were exposed to a brutal artillery bombardment yesterday by the Turkish aggression army and its terrorist factions (ISIS-Al-Nusra), where the shelling started at 3:30 pm and continued until the midnight. The bombardment caused many civilian wounded including the children (documented by pictures and videos). Follow the links:

 [ ] / [  ] / [

Also, since yesterday, the Turkish reconnaissance aircrafts did not miss Afrin’s sky and its countryside.

2-Sherawa:  the public units of the Syrian army crossed to Afrin yesterday to participate in defending Afrin against the Turkish barbaric invasion and its terrorist factions. The crossing operation of the Syrian army public units coincided with indiscriminate artillery shelling on Deir Jamal town and the Yezidi village of Ziyara. The reports were talking about several civilian casualties in Deir Jamal, in addition to 5 wounded fighters from the public units of the Syrian army, where 2 of them got martyred later.

3-Mabata (Mabatli): Mabata town was a target for the indiscriminate artillery shelling by the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions during afternoon hours. The shelling caused damage to civilian properties. (Photo documented)  ]

4-Jinderes: Jinderes town was exposed to a heavy artillery shelling yesterday accompanied by the Turkish airstrikes. The brutal Turkish bombardment damaged Jinderes high school. (photo documented) ]

At 7 am this morning, the invaders re-bombed the downtown of Jinderes and Tel Salur village, accompanied by the outbreak of heavy clashes which lasted until writing this report.

5-Sharra: there are heavy clashes in Arab Weran village and its vicinity between our forces and the terrorist invaders, accompanied by Turkish airstrikes and artillery shelling. The clashes started at the early hours of this morning until writing this report.

6-Belbeleh: all of the villages in Belbeleh axis were arenas for heavy clashes between our forces and the Turkish occupation army. The clashes started since yesterday until writing this report. The clashes are concentrated in the villages of Uka, Qastal Khadriyah and Bakhja, which were accompanied by airstrikes and artillery shelling.

7-Raju: our forces carried out a qualitative military operation against the Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions (Isis-Al-Nusra) in the vicinity of Balilka village. Our forces killed 12 terrorists including Turkish soldiers.

Syria Democratic Forces – Media Center


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