HomemanshetThe outcome of the military operations in Afrin on 4-Feb-2018

The outcome of the military operations in Afrin on 4-Feb-2018

1-Mabata (Mabatli): in a special observatory operation in Mamala village, our forces targeted a Turkish tank yesterday at 3:00 pm, as a result, the tank was completely destroyed and all of the soldiers inside were killed. The operation is videotaped.
2-Sharra: the artillery o and jets f the Turkish invasion army targeted Arab Weran village last night at 9:00 pm. Also, the invaders bombarded via rockets the village of Digmadash and Shekhorza for hours.
3-Belbeleh: the village of Shekhorza was heavily shelled last night at 10:00 pm, also fierce clashes broke out between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and Jihadist factions in Abedan village, while the hostile warplanes carried out 6 raids on the same village. According to the heavy clashes, the invaders suffered heavy casualties.
Also, the invaders tried again to advance towards Shekhorza village at 3:00 am, our forces confronted them and heavy clashes broke out. After the two failure attempts of the invaders last night, the Turkish army and Jihadist factions resumed their attacks Shekhorza and Balika villages, where our forces engaged with the attackers since 1:00 pm until preparing this report, while our forces cleared the surrounding hills of the 2 villages.
On a synchronous axis, our forces observed a Turkish drag movement in Ali Karfa village and then completely destroyed the drag. At the same time, heavy shelling was carried out on Qastal Khadriya village by the invaders.
4-Shiyeh/ Mabata/ Al-Mabatli: the Turkish invasion army and Jihadist factions launched flare bombs on Khalil and Alkana village last night to protect the invaders from the horror they live in.
Kobani: the Turkish border guards have targeted vehicles for the civilians last night in Susek village west of Gere Spi. the targeting caused damage to the vehicles, which led our forces to intervene and respond to the sources of the fire, followed by fire clashes between our forces and the Turkish border guards.
6-Jenderes: the town and the surrounding villages were exposed to random shelling by the heavy weapons. Also, the brutal shelling by the Turkish invasion army and Jihadist factions last to Hamam village. Spontaneously, the Turkish invasion army and the Jihadists tried to advance in Qaziqli hil and Shahid Siydo hill, but our forces clashed with them and retaliated their attacks.
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