HomemanshetThe outcome of the military operations in the last 24 hours in Afrin

The outcome of the military operations in the last 24 hours in Afrin

1-Belbeleh: the village of Cheleh was exposed to a random bombardment yesterday at 3:00 pm. The bombardment lasted for hours.
In an attempt by the Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions to advance towards Shekhorzeh village last night at 11:00 pm, our forces confronted the attackers and accordingly fierce clashes broke out, which lasted until the early hours of today’s morning. As a result of these clashes, our forces were able to completely destroy BMB vehicle for the invaders.
2-Jinderes: the Turkish reconnaissance aircrafts were roaming intensively over Jinderes district at 11:00 am of this morning. These aircrafts dropped three black masses near the border line. Our forces could not recognize the masses because it was close to the Jihadists’ points on the border.
– Deir Ballut village was also exposed to an indiscriminate shelling by the Turkish tanks and artillery at 11 am this morning. Also, the Turkish artillery targeted indiscriminately Sendiana village at 1:00 pm. The artillery shells landed on the center of the village and its vicinity.
3-Shiyah: the snipping squad of our forces killed 2 soldiers of the Turkish invasion army during an observing operation in the vicinity of radio broadcasting hill. In a simultaneous military operation, our forces carried out a counter attack against the invaders in radio broadcasting hill and killed 7 Turkish invaders.
At 1:00 pm this afternoon, heavy engagements broke out between our forces and the Turkish invasion army in Haj Bilal village, after a failure attack by the invaders, where the clashes are ongoing.
Similarly, Chaqala village was exposed to a random shelling from Rayhania city at 12:00 this noon. The shelling was ongoing until writing this report.
4-Rajo: Rajo town center was again exposed to a random shelling via heavy artillery, where 8 shells landed on the entrance of the town at 1:00 pm this afternoon, and the shelling was ongoing until preparing this report.
The social media has published many pictures of Jihadis factions’ corpses, who were killed during heavy clashes with our forces in Digmadash village, while some activists were wondering about the number of the causalities within the Turkish army ranks who were being moved directly to the Turkish hospital, unlike the Jihadist factions who were thrown at the entrance of the hospitals in Azaz.
5-Sherra: the villages of Midanki and Chema were exposed to a random shelling by the Turkish artillery. The shilling was continuous until preparing this report.

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