The Result of the Battles during the past 24 hours in Afrin

1- Afrin (city center): for the second in a row, the densely populated city of Afrin is exposed to Turkish indiscriminate raids and artillery shelling.
The southern entrance of Afrin city was a target for the Turkish jets yesterday at 7 PM. The raids caused heavy damage to civilian properties. Today, the Turkish artillery shelled the city center in Afrin and the vicinity of Afrin Hospaital at 10:30 AM, accordingly 4 civilian wounded and a civilian got martyred.
2- Belbeleh: the Turkish aggression jets and artillery the vicinity of Shaikhorza village at 10 am this morning. As the Turkish army and its Jihadist factions attempted to make progress in this axis. Our forces repelled their attempt, accordingly, fierce clashes broke out which lasted to this afternoon. The invader suffered heavy losses during these clashes.
Due to the Turkish failure in making progresses in Shaikhorza axis, the invaders resorted to shell Zaytunka and Darqliya by artillery and airstrikes.
3- Sharra: Sarinjik village was a target for the Turkish heavy weapons and jets since the early hours of this morning, after which, the Jihadist factions tried to advance towards the village. However, our forces repelled their attempt and engaged with them and heavy casualties were reported within the ranks of enemy. The clashes are still ongoing in the vicinity of the Sarinjik village. It is worth noting that Sarinjik village was a headline in the Turkish and Jihadist medias claiming that they control over the village, while our forces proved the opposite to what they claim.
On the axis of Yezidi villages (Baflun,Arab Weran, Omera), the Turkish invasion forces and its Jihadist factions shelled these villages indiscriminately since last night until the early hours of this morning.
4- Shiyeh: all of the villages in Shiyeh axis were targets of Turkish random shelling since last night until this morning.
5- Jinderes: the villages in Jinderes axis were arenas for heavy engagements since yesterday until now. Where the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions were seeking to achieve progresses on the ground accessed with intensified airstrikes and artillery.
In Haj Iskender village, the terrorists tried to more than one time to advance. Our forces confronted them in each time and made the enemy suffer heavy losses.
In Deir Ballut village, our forces conducted a military operation against the invaders in which they engaged with the enemy. Our fighters confirmed that they killed 38 Jihadists and the others fled away.
In Mahmoudiya and Dewa villages, the enemy carried out several raids, while our forces engaged with the invaders and the engagements are still ongoing.
In Aqjalah village, our forces engaged with the invaders since last night until the preparation of this report. Our forces repelled two attacks for the invaders accessed by airstrikes and areal bombardment. After the failure of their two attacks, the invaders carried out the third attack and accordingly, our for are engaging with them until now.

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