The result of the combats during the past 24 hours in Afrin and its countryside

1-Shiyah: Aranda village was a target for the Turkish army and Al-Nusra/Daesh brutal shelling. The shells are likely to contain poisonous gases or internationally banned chemicals. Many cases arrived to Afrin Hospital to receive treatment amidst shameful international silence towards the terrorism against our people.

2- Sherawa: there were heavy shelling on Anabki and Gelber villages since the early hours of this morning. The source of the shells was Azaz city.

3- Sharra: the invaders bombarded the mosque of Maryamin village, where the village has been exposed to heavy shelling since this morning.

Also Sarinjik and Gobalaka villages have been shelled by artillery, where the primary casualties is the death of a women and a man in addition to other wounded. The shelling was still ongoing till writing this report.

4- Belbeleh: Hassan Dera village has been shelled by the Turkish artillery since the early morning.

5- Raju: in Shadiyah village, there is ethnic purge and displacement for the villagers, where a group of Daesh terrorists who were kikcked out of Shiyukh in 2015 by YPG and the coalition, have emerged in a footage shuttered in Shadiyah village threatening the Kurds of ethnic purge, displacement and control over their villages and houses. ( videotaped)

In two spontaneous military operations carried out a special units of our forces, our special units attacked to points for the invaders who attacked Qodah and Balilka villages. Our forces were able to surprise the enemy in its points in Qodah village and kill 7 Turkish soldiers in addition to other wounded. While the engagements in Balilka village resulted in the killing of 6 Turkish invasion soldiers.

6- Jinderes: Fierce clashes broke out between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and its Daesh/Al-Nusra terrorists in the vicinity of Dewa village, where 2 terrorists were confirmed killed and the clashes still ongoing until writing the report.




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