HomemanshetThe Results of the Military Operations in the past 24 hours in Afrin

The Results of the Military Operations in the past 24 hours in Afrin

The Turkish invasion army has waged comprehensive attacks on the entire Afrin district since yesterday until preparing this report, where the invaders were indiscriminately shelling civilian locations. Some shells landed on the city center of Afrin and its countryside. The Turkish aggressive attacks started at 10 pm last night, while all of the border line villages were points of violent clashes.
1-Sharra: the Yazidi villages of Baflun, Arab Weran and Sinka (Sinkerli) were exposed to a random shelling by the Turkish army at 10 pm last night until. At the same time, heavy engagements broke out between our fighters and the terrorist Jihadists in the area.
2-Belbeleh: the hostile jets bombed Sharqiyah village on Friday at 1:30 pm. At 4:00 pm, our forces completely destroyed a four-wheeled-drive vehicle loaded with Doshka for the invaders in shaikhurza village. (videotaped). Also, the hostile jets reattacked the villages of Kella, Qastal Khadriya, Cholaqa, Qastal Mukhtar and Sharqiya.
At 1:30 am today, heavy clashes broke out between our forces and the Jihadist factions in the vicinity of Kella, Qastal Khaderiy and Cholaqa villages, coincided with heavy artillery shelling these villages.
3-Jinderes: kafar Shela village was exposed to an indiscriminate shelling last night at 11 pm where Amina Dormash, age 35, with her two children Mustafa and Mahmoud Dormosh, 10-year-old were wounded. Follow the link: https://youtu.be/T6rB-HT_7FE
At 6 pm last night, Ashkan village exposed to a heavy and indiscriminate bombardment, causalities reported within the ranks of the civilians. The Turkish invasion army also shelled Meski village in Jinderes. Many civilian casualties were reported due to the Turkish shelling. Meanwhile, the Turkish jets bombed Aqjalah and Dok villages at 11 am this morning, where a civilian was confirmed wounded.
4- Shiyeh: at 10 am today, the Turkish warplanes bombed the middled village of Chaqala , then the Turkish jets reattacked Haj Bilal village coincided with heavy clashes in the village. In Haj Bilal village, heavy clashes broke out between our fighters and the invaders accompanied by artillery shelling on the village.
The clashes are still ongoing in Haj Bilal and Chaqala villages until preparing this report.
5- Sherawa: on Friday at 1 am, Turkish invasion army carried out several raids on the Yazidi villages of Burj Sulaiman and Basufan.
6- Rajo: several raids were carried out on the vicinity of Kevre Ker hill at 11 pm last night, where the center of Rajo district was bombed by the Turkish jets at 10 am this morning.
Today at 3 pm, our forces managed to completely destroy a vehicle loaded with Doshka in the vicinity of Kevre Ker hill.
7-Afrin/the city center: a Turkish raid targeted Ashrafiyah neighborhood in Afrin last night at 11 pm, coincided with two other raids on Trenada neighborhood adjacent to Ashrafiyah. Also, the Turkish jets bombed a sheep slaughterhouse in the vicinity of Afrin led to the death of all the sheep inside. (documented by pictures)

الدولة التركية تنتقم حتى من أغنام عفرين و تقصف المسلخ في ضواحي عفرين

since the early morning of Today, Afrin district and its suburbs have been heavily shelled by the Turkish artillery, where three shells landed on the vicinity of Afrin. Concerning the aforementioned developments, a woman and two of her kids were confirmed wounded in addition to other wounded due to Turkish raids. We will announce to the public opinion as soon as we confirm the other wounded.
Moreover, the Turkish state is using the civilians as a human shield by shifting all of its heavy weapons inside Atmeh camp of the displaced people, making the camp as a launching point for its artillery. Where the Turkish army and the Jihadist factions shelled the villages of Afrin from inside the camp in the morning hours of today.

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