The Statistics of the Combats in Afrin since the Beginning of the Turkish Occupation

The Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions (ISIS-Al-Nusra Front) have started their offincive against Afrin enclave on 20, January,2018 and is continuing until 22,Feb,2018. The following are the statistics related to Turkish invasion:

1- SDF martyrs: during the heroic resistance and direct clashes by our forces against the heralds of invasion and terrorism, 177 fighters of our forces got martyred. The martyrs were buried in public official ceremonies.
2- Enemy death toll: 1219 of Turkish soldiers and the terrorist factions were confirmed to be killed during the engagements and military operations carried out by our forces. This 1219 of enemy corpses were confirmed by our fighters in the battle fields.

3- Air attacks: the Turkish occupation army has conducted 793 random raids on the populated areas, infrastructure, water drinking pumps, schools and chicken farms.

4- Hovercraft attacks: the invaders carried out 17 helicopter raids, targeting the populated areas and the infrastructure.

5- artillery bombardment: the Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions have conducted 2785 indiscriminate shelling using different types of heavy artillery and tanks.

6- Direct engagements: our forces engaged 542 times with the enemy, in which the results were known. While there were 134 clashes of unknown results.

7- Aircrafts Shooting Down: Since the start of the Turkish invasion, our forces were able to shoot down 2 hovercrafts and kill 12 soldier inside including Turkish army officials. Also, our forces shot down a Turkish UAV of Bayraqdar brand ( the one signed by Ardoghan).

8- Vehicle Destruction: 66 of armored vehicles were completely destroyed and 17 vehicle damaged for the enemy.

Deir Azzor ( Island Storm Campaign)

1- Clashes: our forces engaged with ISIS terrorists for more than 20 days in Al-Bahra village and its vicinity and were able to liberate the village.

2- The death toll of ISIS terrorists: During the clashes broke out between our forces and Isis terrorists for more than 20 days, our forces killed 1776 of Isis terrorists.

3- our forces destroyed 16 mortar, 17 VBIEDs, 8 Doshkas, 14 vehicles loaded with Doshka, 24 bulldozers, 3 VBIED workshops, 2 armored vehicles, 5 drones, 7 motorcycles, 17 military vehicles of different types, 1 Obis cannon, 3 BMB vehicles and 1 SPG9.


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