The Statistics of the military operations in Afrin since the the beggining of the Turkish invasion on January,20,2018

The Turkish invasion with its Jihadist factions against Afrin district has started at 5 PM of February,20,2018 and is still ongoing until 12-Feb-2018. The following are the numeric statistic of the Turkish invasion:
1-Civilian martyrs: due to the Turkish attacks on civilian targets, whether by airstrikes or artillery shelling, 180 civilians martyred including children, women and old aged. All of the names were officially documented in Afrin hospital’s records.
2-the wounded civilians: due to the Turkish attacks on the civilians, 413 civilians were wounded including children, women and old aged. All of the names are archived in Afrin hospital.
3- SDF Martyrs: during a chivalric resistance by our forces against the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions, 98 of our fighters got martyred and were held by formal and public burial ceremonies.
4- Enemy Death Toll: during the military operation conducted by our forces, 862 enemy were confirmed by our forces to be killed in the battlefield.
5-Air Attacks: the Turkish warplanes carried out 668 indiscriminate raids. The raids targeted civilian locations and the infrastructure in Afrin such as fresh water pump, schools, bakeries and animal farms.
6-Hovercraft Attacks: the Turkish invasion army has carried out 16 helicopter attacks against populated locations and the infrastructure.
7- Heavy Weapon Shelling: the Turkish invasion army and its Jihadist factions conducted 2645 indiscriminate shelling, using tanks and artillery.
8-Direct Clashes: our forces engaged with the invaders 409 time in which the results were know, while there were 108 direct engagements in which the results were unknown.
9-Aircraft shooting down: since the begging of the Turkish invasion, our forces have been able to shoot down 2 helicopters, one of them of Copra Brand and the other was Skurski type. The last one was carrying 11 Turkish officers and soldiers. Our forces also shot down 2 reconnaissance planes, one of them was of Bayraqdar type, where the Turkish President signed on its body.
10-Armored Vehicles Destruction: 51 armored vehicle were completely destroyed including tanks, APCs and 4 wheeled drive vehicles, while 15 vehicles were damaged including tanks and APCs.

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