To the Media and Public Opinion

According to UN security council resolution /2401/ on February,24,2018, which clearly provides for a cessation of hostilities on all Syrian territory including Afrin city for a month to facilitate humanitarian access, we are in People’s Protection Units (YPG) declare our welcome and readiness to comply with the UN Security Council resolution to stop hostilities within all enemies, except ISIS terrorists, while reserving the right to retaliate which is a legitimate delf-defense right in case of any aggression by the Turkish army and allied factions in Afrin.
Our units also undertake to secure and facilitate the entry of United Nations’ delegations and humanitarian organisations to areas of our control in Afrin facilitate the arrival of humanitarian and medical assistance and to address emergency health cases caused by targeting the residential centers and vital installations by the Turkish army and its allied extremist forces.
We in,People’s Protection Units, call upon all the conflicting sides on the Syrian land to abide by the cease-fire decision of the UN Security Council and to follow us in supporting and implementing the decision.

General Command of YPG


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