To the Public opinion

Our forces (SDF) enters its 14th days of its resistance against the Turkish invasion army and Al-Qaeda terrorists. The whole world is viewing the bravery and the epics achieved by our forces against the war machine of the Turkish invasion army and its Al-Qaeda allies, which motivate us more in our resistance and protecting our people and land, no matter what the price will be and the facts on the ground confirms this.
We emphasized since the first day of the Turkish invasion that we will not stop our legitimate and great resistance against the Turkish invasion in this holy land. This resistance enriches the spirit of belonging to this land in us. Our people in Afrin along side with our fighters showing the grandest pictures of resistance and adherence to their land, despite of the Turkish direct and continuous targeting to the civilians by the tanks and warplanes leaving hundreds of civilian victims of martyr and wounded.
The Turkish invasion army, which used all of the potential military weapons, including the restricted ones, was unable to make progresses on the ground as the Turkish officials were claiming in the first day of their attacks. Turkey was unable to make advances though of its modern military technology and its mobilizing for Al-Qaeda terrorists. Turkish invasion army was not able to destroy the morals and will of our hero fighters, contrariwise, Turkey with its Al-Qaeda allies are receiving painful blows by our heroes, where they lost hundreds of terrorists, as well as dozens of their vehicles and tanks were destroyed.
Hence, we affirm to the public opinion our intension to clear all of the points on Afrin’s border where the terrorists infiltrated through under the coverage of dozens of Turkish airstrikes and Howitzer shells. We also confirm that it will be difficult for the enemy to escape from the painful blows of our fighters, showing to the world again the Turkish involvement in the swamp which they chose to fall in. we also point out that the engagements are still ongoing between our forces and the Turkish invasion army in all of the following areas, which we confirm our determination to liberate these areas.
Areas of clashes:
Belbeleh district: villages of Shengeleh, Biki, Alikara, Za’ari, Qurni, Baliya, Abedan, Kurdo and Qestel.
Rajo axis: villages of Mamlo, Omera, Beski and Adama.
Sheih District (Shaik Hadid): villages of Kaniyeh and Khalil.

General Command of Syria Democratic Forces – Afrin
3- Feb-2018

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