We fought in the worst circumstances and will continue the process of giving

From one battle to the other, with the weapon of confronting terrorism, whoever rejects all forms of fascism and the rape of the ground, stands in checkpoints, and his twentieth face wet with the rain.

Since the outbreak of the first war between the fighters to confront Al-Nusra and Daesh he joined and is not interested in controlling Al-Nusra over most of the territory of Ras Al Ain, so the fighter Furat from Ras Al Ain city was telling his story with confidence.

He said: “I have joined in order to protect our land and honor from the organization of Daesh and his followers, and participated in several battles, including the fronts of Ras al-Ain ،AL-Jazaa ،Tal Khanzeer ،Qamishli ، Deir al-Zor and Raqqa, and the expulsion of all terrorist factions that constitute a danger to the people and we have achieved many victories and restored the dignity of our people and restored security and safety for them.

This is reminiscent of the memories of the past and the difficulties he faced at the beginning of the revolution, smiling and saying many are the nights we spent and we are fighting in the worst conditions and with lack of resources and bad weather.

We would not create any excuse and with the lack of training we were faced with light weapons the heavy weapons, which Al-Nusra was supported by the support of Turkey and the intervention of Syrian territory.

And by setting plans and knowing all the entrances and exits of the cities, our victories were quick, and because we have been the owners of the land ever since, we have not given up any inch of our land, and every drop of blood from our comrades was another motive for us to crushed our enemies.

He reminds his comrades Shahid: “Every martyr is a step to liberate our country and we have taken many steps, and we will continue the march of tender until we liberate our land, and we know the fact of Turk and their black past by sabotaging Syria, and we will resist Afrin until the end of breath.

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