HomedialogueA 50-year-old woman returning to school

A 50-year-old woman returning to school

In defiance of old age and traditions, despite the difficult situation of living and displaced to the camps because of the war, and because of the reality experienced in her city of sheep and grazing education has been neglected education and burying her life on the grounds that women place their home and raising children.

All these reasons and circumstances did not prevent a fifty-year-old woman from returning to school after all this migration, including love and passion for science and knowledge.

Zahra al-Abd, from Deir al-Zour, currently residing in Ain Issa, returned to study because her children were studying and writing. The circumstances did not allow her to pursue her studies. She wanted to overcome the obstacle of age because science and knowledge are not restricted to a specific age group.

She sat with the age of her grandchildren in order to receive from the fountain of knowledge , did not find in this a barrier to prevent them from increasing their culture and knowledge was an example to be followed among their peers among the women in the literacy that was rampant in its time

Zahra says she wants to learn to read and write in order to read the Holy Quran and not need anyone to accompany her when she goes to the market and uses it to read signs and phrases on public roads

Felt that it was her duty to learn to read and write instead of her neighbors sitting in the camp and wasting her time in vain.

Zahra addresses all age groups that education is an essential part of our lives and nothing is compensated for its place. Science is a guiding light for every human being and everyone has taken the path I took. I was deprived of education in my youth because of the environment in which I was created.

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