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A large demonstration roaming the streets of Raqqa denouncing the Turkish invasion of Afrin

Thousands of teachers of the Syrian north took part in a mass demonstration in Raqqa city today, condemning and condemning the Turkish invasion and its terrorist factions in Afrin.

Where the Syria Democracy Council and the Committee of Education in Raqqa called for the demonstration, which started from the neighborhood of Mashlab and patrolled the streets of the city, carrying banners condemning the barbaric Turkish aggression against whole Syria and Afrin in particular, in the presence of the Education Committee in Deir Al-Zour and Manbaj and all teachers from all cities in the north of Syria.

The demonstrators chanted slogans against the Turkish invasion of Afrin, which commits daily crimes against the Syrian people in Afrin and committed massacres against them after being targeted with all heavy weapons and warplanes.

During the demonstration, Ali al-Shanan, head of the Education Committee in Raqqa, delivered a speech in which he said: The demonstration today is a mass educational demonstration to denounce the fascist terrorist intervention against Afrin. We condemn the international silence about the killing of our people in Afrin. We call on the international community to stand at the limits of its responsibilities. The protection of civilians and their property, which is being robbed all over the world.

The demonstration ended in the courtyard of the province previously, after patrolling the streets of the city of Raqqa, repeating slogans that disrespect blatant interference by Turkey and its terrorist factions allied to Afrin.

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