HomedialogueA social cultural forum entitled “Hasaka brings us together”

A social cultural forum entitled “Hasaka brings us together”

Under the supports of self-management and at the initiative of Doz Organization and with the participation of a number of other organizations was held in Hasaka city forum entitled “Hasaka brings us together”

It is a diverse cultural and social forum to promote the peaceful coexistence within the city in partnership and coordination with a group of developmental and human rights organizations and women’s and charitable associations working in the field of civil society in Hasaka.

Abdul Rahman Ramadan, Executive Director of Doz Or. said: The goal of the forum is to collect the cultural heritage of the various components of “Arab, Kurd, Syriac” which belong to each component such as clothing, food and others, in addition to the involvement of young people on the subject of security and internal peace.

The forum included a presentation of some of the drawings and works of art and singing by the children trainees under the supervision of the organization of peace and civil society and a display of popular folklore such as millstone used to grind grain in addition to the complaint of milk and coffee.

And then offer some popular cuisine as Mahashi and Shambork and falafel and tabbouleh.

The forum concluded with some of theatrical performances and folk dances.

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