Al Furosya Electric Station will return to work soon

Electricity Committee of  Raqqa Civil Council is rehabilitating the main power plant of Raqqa in AL-Furosya(Equestrian), after cleaning up the remnants of Deash terrorists  from mines and booby-traps and preparing a study for its rehabilitation .

In a field meeting with Eng. Akram Sulaiman, the General Supervisor of the rehabilitation of the main switching stations, he said: Al Furosya Electric Station is the main station that insures the electrical energy of the city of Raqqa and its countryside. We have begun rehabilitation work about a month ago, In this station, where Deash  stole many of the contents of this station of transformers and cables in addition to they blew up and detonated the main control hall of the station.

Akram pointed out that in view of the support provided by the Civil Council – financial support mechanisms – human cadres enable the existing staff of the rehabilitation of this plant, even partially, and within days will enter the station in service.

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