HomemanshetAn Urgent Call to Save the Lives of Tens of Thousands of Civilians

An Urgent Call to Save the Lives of Tens of Thousands of Civilians

The Turkish army and allied jihadist groups have been shelling civilians in Afrin for 56 days, targeting men, women and children. For 56 days and the international community remains silent about this horrific crime and the genocidal war declared and justified by the brazen statements of the Turkish president.

The Turkish army, which gathered all terrorist barbarians from all over the world under the name of the Free Syrian Army, has been targeting, shelling and bombing more than 800,000 civilians, who enjoyed peace and security throughout the ongoing civil war in Syria. Even this safe region has not been spared from the horrors of this war, because of the obsession of the Turkish president, and his terrorist allies, with murder, and the silence of the international community about this crime.

Since last week, Turkish military aircrafts and artillery have been targeting the centre of Afrin city, and its densely populated neighbourhoods, more intensely than before. The aim of the Turkish army is clear, which is to terrorise civilians and force them to flee the city. The plight of local civilians was exacerbated during the past two days, when the Turkish army cut off water and energy sources from the city and bombed health centres. The picture is now very tragic, and tens of thousands of civilians have been forced to flee for fear of death. The magnitude of the human tragedy now exceeds the capacity and relief power of the local administration.

In only two days, Turkish artillery and air strikes have killed dozens of civilians, including men, women and children. There are hundreds of people in hospitals, not to mention the inhumane blockade imposed by the Turkish army and its allied takfiri gangs. We call upon all international organisations and human rights and relief groups to condemn and stop this crime. We urge everyone to respond to the call of the human conscience to help and save the lives of tens of thousands of displaced civilians in the areas of Al Shahba, north-east of Aleppo, and provide them with urgent humanitarian assistance.


At this moment, thousands of children, the elderly and the wounded are in the open without shelter, food or water. Everyone has a moral obligation to help innocent civilians and not to remain silent in the face of the atrocities, committed by the Turkish army.

The Self-Administration of Afrin

Office of Refugees and Relief Affairs


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