Fire training course at Al-Hol camp

Under the support of the Syria Democratic Forces, Hasakah Fire Brigade organized a training course for the Kurdish Red Crescent workers in Al-Hol camp, due to the large number of fires that erupt in the camp, most of which are due to a short circuit or some neglect of the residents there.

The course lasted for a week, during which the trainees learned about the types of fires and how to deal with them.

In the case of a fire due to a short circuit, the fire is not extinguished with water but by special powder. In the case of fires caused by an oil derivative such as gas or fuel oil, it is treated with water and foam.

The trainees were also subjected to the first types of first aid to be provided to the infected persons, including washing the cold water and then covering it with a dry, sterile and non-stick bandage, as well as making the patient drink as much water as possible without feeling sick.

The training staff conducted awareness and guidance tours within the camp and urged the people to pay more attention to the causes of the fires.



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