Foundation martyrs families in Tabqa

Tabqa civil council which includes institutions and directorates, including the Martyrs’ Families Foundation, which started on 5/7/2018, was composed of two people. The number was later completed to reach 13 members five members of the committee and eight members of the institution to find out the requirements of these families and insurance. What they need

In an interview with Juma al-Ali, Administrator of the martyrs’ families, he explained the mechanism of the institution’s work and what services are provided to the families of martyrs

Al-Ali said: that the Foundation provides the institution of condolences to the families of martyrs, and provide a monthly salary to the families of the martyr and food aid and clothing and secure homes for the family of the martyr according to available possibilities.

Al-Ali pointed out that the total number of martyrs is 165 martyrs, 109 martyrs and their parents in the city of the class, and the rest are either unknown, or their remains were transferred to the cemetery of martyrs in their cities.

Al Ali added: “Civil engineers and farmers were hired to equip the cemetery on the required side, to decorate the graves of martyrs with marble, to plant the cemetery and plant it with trees and to fence it with iron fence in a manner suitable for martyrs.

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