Generators assistant for general electricity in Hasakah

Since the beginning of the current situation in Syria, some services have been cut off and others have been reduced, but with the establishment of self-management in Al-Hasakah province and the establishment of many service and administrative institutions,

The Generators Committee in the municipality of Hassake is one of the most important service committees in the province, as the dependence on electricity has become a focus on the generators distributed in the neighborhood .

Jumaa Al Mulla, Head of Generator Department in AL-Hasakah Municipality, told us about the work of the committee. He said, “Our work is to license all generators in Hasakah city and its environs after discovering the quality of the generator and its ability to determine the quantity of hydrocarbons and its licenses on three types: commercial, industrial and domestic, renewable

We provide diesel fuel for generators, conduct periodic meetings to determine the price of subscriptions, in addition to the presence of a maintenance committee for generators working within public administrations

It is worth mentioning that the price of one amp is 1600 Syrian pounds per month, each house takes its needs of amperes in parallel with the capacity of the generator.

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