Literacy is a first step to combat dark thinking

PEL organization has opened a literacy course to spread education among the people of Ain Issa camp after they have been out of school for a long time because ISIS control of their city and fight against education in an attempt to promote control of the minds of the people to win more ignorant in their ranks

In a field interview with the coordinator of the organization Jumah Falah said: There is a great demand from the residents of the camp, especially the elderly to education in this course, which specializes in literacy, and this session in two stages, the first phase: the teaching of Arabic characters and the second stage reading and writing sentences, The future organization will teach the successful completion of Arabic grammar.

Zahra Al-Abd, a 50-year-old woman who joined the literacy course nearly two weeks ago, said she wanted to learn to read and write so she could read the Koran as well as teach her young children to read and write.

PEL will inaugurate a nursing and first aid course for residents of Ain Issa camp.

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