Mohammed Abdullah is a frontline fighter

Syria Democratic Forces’ fighters are still on the path of sacrifice and struggle until the achievement of the goals of freedom and dignity are the best achievements and victories, and the casualties do not prevent them from achieving their goals.

Mohammed AL-AbdAllah one of the fighters said:”I joined the Syria Democratic Forces more than a year ago in Tel Abyad after suffering the injustice of terrorism and persecuting my family in Raqqa. I joined the forces in al-Hasakah. I conducted a training course at Shahid Brouz Academy in  Kubani for 45 days.

The course included military training and intensive ideological studies. After my graduation from the course, I participated in the campaign of the Island Storm. There was an injury to my left thigh with a sniper shot in Hajjin area and I was taken to Shahid Sarya hospital in Al-Hasakah for treatment. Ensure speedy recovery

I am now waiting patiently for the sake of joining the ranks of the fighters in Afrin and ready to sacrifice my most precious treasure to achieve my goal and to free my people..

People who fail to describe themselves do not hesitate to sacrifice for their people, so they are the fighters of the Syria Democratic Forces as we have entrusted them.

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