Opening of a Public Relations Office in Al-Jadidat area in the eastern suburb of Raqqa

The Public Relations Office at the Syria Democratic Forces opened an office in al-Jadidat area east of Raqqa city, in the presence of elders and dignitaries of the eastern rural tribes of Raqqa and members of the offices.

 At the request of the people of Jadidat village and tribal sheikhs to solve the problems of citizens in the eastern countryside and to connect with social events and clans.

Jia Qamishli, official of the Public Relations Office of the Syria Democratic Forces said: “We welcome the opening of the public relations office of the Syria Democratic Forces in Al-Jadidat, and we aim to communicate with all the members of the community in the region. We will hold meetings to hear all the opinions of the people,”, And their problems in order to give freedom and democracy to all components to express opinion, all civilian and military institutions are to serve the people and are entitled to participate in them.

As Sheikh Hazal AL-Aiz said:”We welcome all the guests and thank them for their interest in this invitation, which is a great occasion to help our families in this region. As a Relations office, we will transfer the voice of our people to Leader the Syrian Democratic Forces to solve their problems.

The opening ended with a ceremony in which all the residents of Al Jadidat celebrated the opening of the office.

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