HomedialogueReady to offer our bodies in order to live the people of Afrin

Ready to offer our bodies in order to live the people of Afrin

Despite the loss, their eyes shine like the stars glittering in the dark of war, smiling brightly with glamorous faces that do not know how to despair or give in. They love life as their love for the homeland. They have paid dearly for their love.

But you soon forget that they suffered a moment of meeting with them singing or exchanging jokes in a sense of humor and mockery of the enemy, so that the home of the war casualties became a platform to raise morale for the other fighters.

Sawsan Amad, the supervisor of the Center, who lost her right hand in the battle of Al-Hul in Hasakah, spoke to us about the work of that center, which is doing a lot of material and moral support for the injured.

Amad stressed that the human can continue to work despite his injury, and this is about the will of the strong fighters that challenge the pain of loss, and the center is working to rehabilitate and educate the injured fighters and there are academies are competent to receive ideological lessons and activities supporting their skills.

She extended her greetings to the people of Afrin who remain steadfast against the mercenaries of Erdogan and the brutality of the Turkish invasion. She concluded that Afrin will resist the last human being and that as wounded we will go to Afrin if necessary. We will lose other members so that the people of Afrin will live peacefully.

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