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Rehabilitation of the northern garage in Raqqa city

In light of the transport crisis and high prices in Raqqa city , the People’s Municipality and the Transport Committee are opening all micro-buses garage, which were closed due to the war to facilitate movement between cities and governorates and reduce wages to citizens.

Today, the Transportation Committee of the People’s Municipality in Raqqa has activated the northern garage of  Raqqa Governorate, known as Al-Sawmah Garage, as of today, to meet the need of the northern area of transportation.

“We have activated the northern garage of the city and all the buses and routes to Qamishli, Amouda, Al-Hasakah, Ras Al-Ain and Tel Tamur,” said Abdullah Ahmed Al-Aker, director of the northern garage of the city. “All the lines are activated and we informed the citizens of the operation of the northern garage.

Al-Aker pointed out that all the security and civil authorities have contributed to the activation of this garage, where the Department of Transport allocated a number of security elements to protect the garage and the safety of citizens traveling.

He added: The Transportation Department in the People’s Municipality discussed the determination of the fare and standardization of all areas and garages for the convenience of citizens and the wages will be simple for passengers wishing to travel to and from the northern regions of Syria.

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