release of 15 prisoners who have been tricked by Daesh

At the initiative of Raqqa  Civil Council and elders and tribal sheikhs in Raqqa city , and after the response of the concerned parties to their request were released today 15 of those who were tricked by Daesh who did not stained their hands with the blood of the Syrians.

 Thirteen young man from Raqqa and two sons of Deir Al-Zour were released from the building of Raqqa Civil Council in Ain Issa.

Hussein al-Barjas, a member of the CCR, told us about the release. He said: Today, on March 20, the prisoners were released on the occasion of Mother’s Day and Nawruz holidays after coordination with the concerned authorities.

You are our sons, the sons of this country. We hope you will return to the path of truth and normal life and that you will not be dragged back into such an oppressive takfiri “thought,” he said, addressing those who were released

He also said: “We, your family and we in the CCR are ready to receive you among our ranks to participate with us in the process of building Raqqa  city again.

The released prisoners were handed over to their families after their release was completed

It is worth mentioning that the initiative to release these seducers was one of the efforts that the martyr Omar Alloush worked on, but the hands of treachery kill him before the implementation of the decision to release.

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