return of yellow cars gives hope to the streets of Raqqa

Raqqa city, which witnessed the fiercest battles in Syria, and displaced its people to neighboring villages such as Ein Issa and Kubani until the end of the war and they returned to their city.

  Today, we witness a remarkable return the people of Raqqa city, through the density of taxi, which has become a striking sight in the streets of the city and in the squares, if this indicates on the return of the population and population density.

Where we always see on each street a number of taxi drivers roam their cars searching for a passenger who move him to either another area in the city or outside the city.

In a field meeting with Ali al-Salama, one of the taxi drivers told us about his work as a taxi driver who returned to Raqqa to be an active member of this community and help the people of his city to be able to move easily and quickly.

Salameh said: “At the beginning, we suffered from some difficulties, such as the large amount of rubble scattered in the streets as a result of the battles that took place in the city, but by virtue of Civil Council and Municipal Councils and the working organizations, the roads were opened and we were able to move more easily than before, and certainly do not forget traffic police who deal with us the best form and good treatment they show, it is something we have not seen before in Syria during the rule of Daesh for ruin the earth.

Nayef al-Issa, a taxi driver, also said: “I am happy to return to Raqqa city because I help my people to deliver them wherever they want.

As for the problems facing taxi drivers, Al-Issa added: “We have encountered several obstacles but we have overcome them. At the moment, we have a small problem and we hope they will help us, which is the registration of cars and the registration fees, which is very expensive compared to our return to Raqqa.

We hope  from The Municipality of Raqqa and the Transport Committee to lower the cost of registration of cars in order to give greater motivation to taxi drivers to return to the city.

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