Statement by Tabqa people

Condemning the international silence over the violations committed by the Turkish invasion army and its mercenaries and denouncing the atrocities they committed following their entry into Afrin, the residents of Tabqa town issued a statement condemning the statement by Hadi al-Zaher, a member of the Legislative Council.

The text of the statement:

In the face of difficulties, and against invaders and tyrants, the great heights rise up to be an impenetrable barrier, and they are rejected and disappointed The resistance of the era that began two months ago proved to the world the strength and strength of our strong will and our desperate defense for our freedom, our pride and our dignity.

“We are Tabqa people, young and old, men and women. We declare here from Tabqa  that we are protesting for a whole week, and we call on the free world to intervene to protect the defenseless people and civilians in Afrin and Ghouta. , And the loss of a battle does not mean that we lost the war, and from here we assure you that we have started a new stage and we will liberate Afrin as we liberated Kobany, Tabqa and Raqqa.

Our people in Afrin do not grieve, we will sacrifice all our strength, bodies, souls and money to free the resistance Afrin and will not lose the right behind him demands.

Mercy to our Shahid  and the speedy recovery of our wounds

Long live the brothers of peoples

Long live free Syria

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