Statement to the Public Opinion

After more than forty-six days of the Turkish treacherous aggression on our people in north of Syria and specially in Afrin and its countryside, and after the increase in the Turkish brutal air and land bombardment causing dozens of civilian innocent victims, in addition to crowding thousands of Syrian fighters of Euphrates Shield factions, who are driven and supervised by the Turkish intelligence.
In the midst of this growing military mobilization and heavy shelling and airstrikes on Afrin and its countryside.
Due to this difficult military situation and the suspicious silence and unjustified absence by the international community towards what is done by the Turkish government of Erdogan so far.
We, the revolutionary factions operating within Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) under the umbrella of international coalition against terrorism, remorsefully decided to move our forces, who are in trenches against ISIS, from east of Euphrates to the frontlines in Afrin against the Turkish invasion, after fighting ISIS long the past three years in Hasaka, Raqqa and Dair Ezzor and the great sacrifices by our forces.
We would not take this decision if it had not been for the international silence towards the Turkish aggression and the actual pressure on Erdogan’s government to turn off flirting inside our Syrian borders under the pretext of its national security.
We call on the whole world and awaken all of the governments in the free world that the aggression of Erdogan’s government on north- west of Syria reactivated ISIS terrorists after almost breathe their last by brave fighters of SDF.
As the Turkish intelligence has directed the terrorist factions of al-Qaeda ( Al-Nusra front) in Idlib to eradicate the remaining Syrian revolution factions and to make Idlib and the western countryside of Aleppo a place for Al- Nusra terrorists as well as to revitalize divilish spirit of terrorism by ISIS in west of Syria as happened in east of Syria.
Gentlemen in all parts of the world, we as SDF were source of admiration to the world because of our deeds in the past three years by eradicating the so- called ISIS capital in Raqqa, through the sacrifices of our hero fighters.
We call the international community and tell them that we are among to difficult options, and the motionless of the international community to the Turkish aggression on Afrin and its peaceful people, pushes us to take the decision of shifting our forces who fight the terrorism from east of Syria to west of Syria to face the Turkish terrorism because Afrina is a sample of democratic free Syrian. Afrin which is the symbol of coexistance between the Syrian various ethnic communities, is facing today brutal massacres due to the Turkish lascivious expansion and the illogical justifications.
After 46 days of the Turkish aggression, we dicided to head to Afrin to defend her and protect our people there after the inability of the international community to stop the aggression.
We also call the Syrians who are taking part in “Olive Branch” aggression and are recruited by the Turkish intelligence to fight us to stop fighting the other Syrians and Olive Branch is a symbol for the peace and not a symbol of war.
So you Syrians who are participating in “Olive Branch “, Syria is our homeland , come to unify our efforts and work together. It is shame for a Syrian to kill his Syrian brother for the sake of Turkish agendas.
It is shameful for us to raise our weapons against each other. Why you become fuel for the war against your people? Why do you follow the Turkish state that has been issuing false statements and drawing red lines since 7 years.
Syria will be for the Syrians, so we still give our hand for peace and in the other hand we hold weapon to defend ourselves against any aggression. Syria is for the Syrians and our goal is to build a free home and eradicate the terrorism.
The revolutionary Factions in Aleppo and Idlib:

Jaish Al-Thwar

The brigade of Democratic North

The Kurds Front

Idlib Military Council

6 March 2018

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