HomemanshetStatement to the Public Opinion

Statement to the Public Opinion

The Turkish army continues to occupy Afrin city and its countryside, taking advantage of the silence of the international community for its crimes against the humanity and the presence of the Kurdish people in the area. Turkey’s plan of demographical change and of destroying the Kurdish national presence is clear now. Turkey has begun the process of settling mercenaries’ families who are fighting under the command of the Turkish army. Those families were fetched from refuges camp in Turkey and were settled in Afrin’s villages, after the displacement of the Kurdish people from their houses and villages due to the Turkish brutal bombardment. The Turkish army targeted the populated areas in order to force the civilians to displacement and to change the demography of the area, where the latest of which was shelling Ba’adina village which killed 9 civilians.

Therefore, we call upon the people in Afrin to cling to their lands, homes and villages and not to leave their homes as much as possible, and we call upon the people who were forced to abandon their houses to return as soon as possible, especially in the areas where it is less likely to be dangerous. Also, we emphasize to our people to take our call seriously in order to miscarry the Turkish attempts to evacuate the area of the Kurdish people.

We are in Syria Democratic Council, strongly condemn the genocide policies by Turkey against the Kurdish people in Afrin. We call upon the international community and the humanitarian organization to take actions and do not take part in the Turkish crimes, by taking a neutral stand. We also strongly denounce the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the eastern region of Ghouta, which is under severe siege in light of the international inability to implement Security Council resolution 2401, which provided for the start of a truce covering all Syrian territory, which is likely to be a bargaining Both Ghouta and Afrin.

We also call upon the UN Security Council to respect its resolutions and to implement them as soon as possible, particularly with regard to the recent resolution 2401, and support a political solution that would end the Syrian Tragedy and lay solid foundations for finding suitable formulas for coexistence between all components of the Syrian people and their political forces.

Syria Democratic Council

14 March 2018


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