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Teacher Training Institutes in Al – Hasakah Celebrates Teacher ‘s Day

Today, the students of teacher training institutes (Sidai Terej and Shahid Jia Institute) held a ceremony in the province of Al-Hasakah to mark the teachers’ day, which included singing, poetry and folklore..

During the ceremony, Mrs. Aveen Ahmed, Director of the Joint Administration of Teacher Training Institutes, delivered the opening speech, in which she explained the role of the teacher in light of the war in which we live and expressed her saying that the teacher’s weapon is no matter how bad the circumstances and conditions are. The teacher’s role in resisting the age is to educate students, The danger of aggression and the importance of resistance and education in order to create a civilized and developed generation that does not know the facts and is not dragged behind the lies..

Then the students presented  musical performances that were overshadowed by the revolutionary features. They also lit the Norouz torch, which will coincide with Mother’s Day in the next few days, chanting slogans that glorify the teacher as well as the cheers that support Afrin and salute the resistance of her steadfast people and heroes.

The ceremony ended with the holding of the popular Dabkeh workshops, which were attended by all those present on the impact of revolutionary songs.

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