The inauguration of the first celebration in Raqqa since seven years after its liberation

After seven years of pain and oppression, life returned to Raqqa city after it was liberated by SDF, a city that suffered the scourge of war unless it suffered a country in history.

Where the celebration was held in the city of Raqqa, the first celebration of the Mother’s Day and the holidays of Nowruz after a break of seven years, was organized by the celebration of the Civil Council of Raqqa, the Association of  Raqqa Youth, and the Syria Democratic Council in Raqqa .

The celebration began with a minute of silence on the souls of Shahid in general and Shahid of the resistance of the times in Afrin in particular.

Malik Al-Abdullah, the joint chairman of Raqqa Youth Federation, spoke about this event: “We, the youth of Raqqa and Syria  Democratic Council , organized this celebration on Wednesday for the celebration of Nowruz,” he said, Seven years ago, these events did not take place because of the control of the so-called free army and what came after the militant factions, the last of which was advocating where they banned and fought the rituals.

Our goal from this celebration is to restore life and trust among all our peoples. We are one people, one nation, we live together and eat the good things of our good land together.

Khaled Al-Hamoud of the Syrian Democratic Council spoke about this event: “It is a good news, and this city is safe thanks to SDF. We will celebrate all the rituals after our liberation from the terrorist organization.

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