The opening of an exhibition of children’s drawings at the school of Youssef Al-Azma in Tabqa city

As part of a series of events organized by the Education Committee in Tabqa and its countryside and to raise awareness among children and instill the spirit of competition and enthusiasm among them.

The Education Committee, in cooperation with the Department of the School of Yusuf Al-Azma, opened today an exhibition of children’s drawings in the school, which included 150 murals and cartoon drawings simulating what is happening in the city of Afrin from the bombing, destruction and killing of unarmed civilians,

The show included a collection of songs, chants and dances performed by the children during the opening of the exhibition.

Mohamed Mosara, the teacher’s head inTabqa city confirmed that these activities are completed in coordination between the Committee of Education and the management of schools in the city of the class and countryside.

The teachers and students exerted great efforts in order to ensure the success and organization of such activities, such as the exhibition organized by the Education Committee in the first chapter at Al-Jahz School, and in Such exhibitions highlight children’s creations, wishes through what they paint.

The students expressed their happiness at this exhibition and wished peace and good to prevail throughout Syria.

At the end of this event, the school administration organized a football match among the students in the school, encouraging students and enthusiasm.

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