The outcome of combats within the past 24 hours in Afrin and its countryside

Despite the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which obligates all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate the international resolution and targets our people in Afrin with different types of weapons and airstrikes, which expose our people to a systematic annihilation. Therefore, our forces are confined to self- defense in case of any attacks on Afrin.

1- Afrin/city center: the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions (ISIS/ Al-Nusra) have bombarded the populated neighborhoods inside Afrin where 3 kids from the same family yesterday.

2- Sharra: our forces engaged with the Turkish soldiers and the terrorist factions in the vicinity of Matina village yesterday’s afternoon, accordingly, 7 terrorist killed including Turkish soldiers.
In Mareski village, there were clashes between our forces and the invaders lasted until last night, where heavy casualties reported within the ranks of the invaders.
Yesterday at 4 PM, the Turkish jets brutally bombarded the villages of Merimin, Qortoqlaq and Qara Tepe, accompanied by the break out of heavy clashes in this villages
The Turkish airstrikes on Meriamin village and the surrounding villages caused civilian victims, in addition to the destruction a bakery in Meriamin village. According to the reports, the bombardment is still ongoing until writing this report.
The Turkish warplanes also carried out airstrikes on Filla Qadi axis, which adjacent to Meriamin village.
Our forces engaged directly with the invaders in Mazra’ah village, which resulted in casualties within the ranks of the invaders.
3- Jinderes: in a heroic resistance, one of our hero fighter engaged with the Turkish invasion army and the terrorist factions. He fought the invaders without withdrawal from his trench. When the invaders got close to his trench thinking that they will capture him alive, our hero fighter blew him self up and killed them of the invaders.
The Turkish jets bombarded heavily the village of Qazliq and Kafar Safrah this morning, accompanied by heavy clashes in the area, where our fighters from the battlefield confirmed the killing of several terrorists.
4- Belebelh: heavy clashes broke out between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions in Bakhja village this morning, accompanied by heavy shelling.
The clashes expanded to Bukeh and Sariyah villages, accompanied by heavy airstrikes. The preliminary casualties refer to the killing of 10 terrorists, where the clashes are ongoing until writing this report.
It is worth noting that the clashes which were ongoing since 4 days in Jinders, Sharra and Belbeleh resulted in killing 313 terrorists including Turkish soldiers.

SDF Media Center

9 March 2018

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