The outcome of combats within the past 24 hours in Afrin and its countryside

Despite the UN Security Council Resolution 2401, which obligates all parties to stop hostilities, the Turkish state continues to violate the international resolution and targets our people in Afrin with deferent types of weapons and airstrikes, which expose our people to a systematic annihilation. Therefore, our forces are confined to self- defense in case of any attacks on Afrin.
1-Afrin\city center: the city center of Afrin has been exposed to heavy bombardment since this morning, where the shelling was concentrated in the populated areas.
2-Jinderes: The intensity of the clashes and airstrikes in Jinderes axis and its villages have not subsided, where the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions (ISIS-Al-Nusra) keep committing massacres against the civilians in Jinderes and its villages.
Yesterday’s afternoon, the Turkish occupation army intensified its raids and artillery shelling on the downtown of Jinderes , which lasted for hours. Moreover, the Turkish jets and hovercrafts re-attacked the town at 9 PM until the midnight. Also, the Turkish hovercrafts have bombed the downtown of Jinderes this morning, which is ongoing until writing this report. The airstrikes coincided with fierce clashes between our forces and the Turkish occupation army and its terrorist factions.
3-Sharra: For the third day in a row, the most violent clashes continue on this axis between our forces and the Turkish invasion army and its terrorist factions, where the clashes are concentrated in Kafar Jannah and Maraska villages. The clashes are accompanied by heavy artillery shelling and airstrikes, where the clashes are ongoing until the time of writing this report.

Syria Democratic Forces – Media Center
8 March 2018

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